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Jul 14

A Beginner’s Guide to #Ethics in UK Public Life

A Beginner’s Guide to #Ethics in UK Public Life


Every so often, the UK government finds itself mired in scandals of sleaze and corruption. At present, we have a return of allegations that the UK Parliament is ‘home’ to a ‘ring’ of high-profile child sex abusers; there are lingering allegations of continued expenses fraud; and today both the Guardian and Huff Post report that the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee into Standards in Public…

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May 20

#LetsTalk Conversations with new activists #women2gether

#LetsTalk Conversations with new activists #women2gether

Colorado river reaches sea for first time in decades

Colorado river reaches sea for first time in decades (Image: Sonoran Institute and LightHawk)

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison

Women2gether are attracting supporters. I’ve had wonderful twitter conversations with some of you – you have been a delight to encounter; thank you for your generosity of both self and spirit. Yet, to some extent, we might look as though we were failing at the first hurdle:  it takes…

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May 14

The great UKIP calamity continues with Scriptonite: ‘It’s on, Farage, it’s on’

The great UKIP calamity continues with Scriptonite: ‘It’s on, Farage, it’s on’


As an independent blogger myself, I urge ALL of us to read BOTH posts in full.

These are dangerous times… and dangerous measures, like having and expressing our own opinions freely, MUST be taken.

Solidarity with genuinely free-thinking UK bloggers everywhere!

Originally posted on Vox Political:


Vox Political‘s comrade-in-blogging at Scriptonitehas stepped into the fray,…

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May 11

#LetsTalk Conversation with an Organ-grinder #women2gether

#LetsTalk Conversation with an Organ-grinder #women2gether

Open Email (because I have no resources print this off) to:

The Office of Mrs. Fatou Bensouda,

Chief Prosecutor – International Criminal Court,

Po Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague
The Netherlands


Dear Madam/Sir,

Global Economic Gender Crimes against Humanity affecting Women and Children

This is to notify your office that the above matter is now being opened for discussion amongst women at…

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#LetsTalk: Important New Procedural Information for #Womens Activists #global

#LetsTalk: Important New Procedural Information for #Womens Activists #global


For all activists working on behalf of women everywhere, this is to share some recent global procedural changes at the International Criminal Court in the Hague in case you haven’t seen them. I suspect they could prove extremely useful to us all.



The information came to light as a result of campaigning with #women2gether – a group of British women activists who have emerged as…

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May 08

Lets Talk - Challenging Oppression through Positive Action

Lets Talk – Challenging Oppression through Positive Action


One minor but important amendment (see my Comment) – it is a matter of personal respect to ask first permission to involve the work of others; otherwise we can stand accused of ‘mis-appropriating’ the very hard work of our sisters.

We’re not allowed to do that in a ‘lawful’ society… imo, anyway.

So until Olga & Tanya agree… we’re only talking about it until we ask.


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May 06

The UK Human Rights Petition #UKHRpetition

The UK Human Rights Petition #UKHRpetition



This is post is for those folk who have encountered the petition calling for the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mrs Fatou Bensouda, to provide us with the formal procedures that need completing in order to formally open an investigation into multiple breaches of Human Rights law in the UK. You can find the petition here:

Letter to the ICC at the Hague re potentially…

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May 03

Today is my 2nd Wordpress birthday

Today is my 2nd WordPress birthday


A problem the size of Jupiter. Artist’s impression of Jupiter at same distance as Moon. In fact, the planet would fill our skies completely.

WordPress sent me birthday congratulations, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

I’ve decided to celebrate by creating my first ever petition:

Letter to the ICC at the Hague Re Potential Criminal breaches of Human Rights in the UK.

I’m hoping if enough…

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Let’s Talk - Challenging Oppression through Law

Let’s Talk – Challenging Oppression through Law


As a life-long activist, I’ve found that one way to resolve a problem is to share it with others and listen to what they have to say. Thinking about it, all the best activists I know do something similar. We don’t presume we are right – especially when we stand accused of sinning, as I do at the moment.

Please understand that I have absolutely no problem with the content nor the woman myself –…

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Dec 15

#Atos and the “Day of Judgment”This post follows on from “Forward Planning“, posted on 9 December 2013.

Since it appeared,…View Post

#Atos and the “Day of Judgment”

This post follows on from “Forward Planning“, posted on 9 December 2013.

Since it appeared,…

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